April 6, 2013

Tape: SLUTEVER - Slutever Demos

SLUTEVER's new cassette bursts at the seams with basement bratpunk.

"As girls, there are more than a few female artists for us to look up to, but not nearly as many as there are men." That is my favorite line from Emily's recent post on Bleached's new album (here), which reads more like love letter to the Clavin sisters than a formal review. It's true that there's not only a shortage of women in the punk scene; but also an unfortunate lack of those who really get taken seriously. In general, establishing yourself as a musician is hard but doing so as a women is even harder. Girls have to dodge music journalists who think "girl band" or "female vocalist" is a genre. They have to combat the "cute girls making music" stereotype and must (sadly) convince us that they are humans that happen to be girls that happen to be making music. Like the Clavin sisters, Philly's SLUTEVER, Nicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi, have been a huge inspiration for us. They've shown the world that girls can be just as good, just as punk, and have just as much fun as boys. 

SLUTEVER's bandcamp feels like singing a sarcastic version of the national anthem. Their page's backdrop is decked out with the American flag, cheesy yellow smiley faces, and SLUTEVER written in pink slime – a good reminder of how these self-proclaimed bratpunks aren't afraid to get a little messy here and there. I first started listening to them in the Spring of 2011, around the time their Pretend to be Nice 7" was released. However, it was their first EP Sorry I'm Not Sorry, which was "recorded in a bathroom, and hot, sweaty room in Philadelphia" that initially got me hooked. I listened to it incessantly and sang along to "No Offense" enough times that it felt like I, too, was a member of the duo. I'm embarrassed to admit I've missed a lot of opportunities to see them play live; most of which were at Brooklyn's Death By Audio, a few blocks from my old apartment. The eight demos that they've released this month sort of help to fill this particulr void in my heart.

I'm a sucker for demos, and the ones on this tape happen to be raw, uncut gems. Drawn out vocals "we're already drunk / it's 10 am" and dirty riffs in "I Miss America" brought back memories of this past July 4th. Emily and I started drinking as soon as we woke up, sweat our asses off, and eventually had the worst day ever because all of our plans fell through. We ended up watching the fireworks by the Williamsburg Waterfront and now laugh about how shitty it was. In fact, most of the songs on this tape sludge by in a slow grunge fashion. Moody lyrics especially layered on Reality Bites-esque track "Open Wide" and "1994," an ode to Courtney Love (Kurt Cobain died in '94). But "(Instrumental)" and "Get Out" were two tracks that stood out as being especially energy-packed. The instrumental track was as punk as ever; a five minute jam session which only got louder. Quick-paced "Get Out" morphed into a melodic surprise and its catchiness called to mind past favorite "No Offense." Also pretty exciting – two of these demos "1994" and "Spit" have been cleaned up for their new 7".

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Written by Diana Cirullo