April 13, 2013

Tape: Ides - Songs About Love / Hate

Ides' new cassette immersed us in a sad so good it was happy.

Certain sounds really get you the first time. I can't name too many off the top of my head because it's incredibly rare. Especially when with the Internet, we can access new music all the time and listen to all the indie acts under the sun, and subsequently suffer from listener's fatigue. But wow, Ides. Ides, solo project of Alanna McArdle of Joanna Gruesome (who's also a member of our buddy blog The Misery Chicks), recently released its limited edition cassette, Songs About Love/Hate, and it's actually already a classic in my library.

"Songs About Love/Hate" brings so many names to my mind but none of the comparisons can adequately encapsulate its sound. "Jacob told me to be happy but I don't see how I could be," the first line of "Jacob" croons, and Nico vibes à la Velvet Underground's "After Hours" (the lead singer acutely unaware of how touching her lyrics and whispered vocals are) are everywhere. Fuzz rock with a female touch brings Best Coast to mind, while the heartfelt lyrics and piano keys bring an incredibly delicate tone to all of the tracks ie The XX? But because all the influences are so unflinchingly balanced, it's a new sound altogether, and it's wonderful.

One of the tags on Ides' bandcamp is "sadcore" (which, yes, made me laugh at first) but the ample doses of melancholy coupled with lots of "good music" vibes is just so "sadcore" I submit to it completely and happily. "I think about you everyday, do you think of me – do you think of me?" a male and female duet in a downtempo ode to exemplary layering and guitar reverb, in the opening stunner "Better." With harmonies incredibly organic and the vocals so effortless, the track brought to me personally one too many faces from the past, instilling in me a kind of nostalgia for a feeling so pure I may have never experienced it before. Basically, the cassette immersed me in a sad so good it was happy. It's been a really long time since "sad" music has filled me with so much 'good music' euphoria. Thanks for this, Ides.


Pre-order Ides' Songs About Love/Hate cassette through Reeks of Effort.

Ritu Ghiya, a NYU "bb", is extremely passionate about surrealist literature, technology and experimental R+B. Her dream is to become the perfect blend of Solange and MIA on her existential journey to read more and blog more.