April 29, 2013

Monday Mix: Dreamy Space

We love space and these are our dreamy space jams.

It's hard to follow up this month's mixes made by Chris Kelly of Teen Mom, Ian Stanley of Cactus-Mouth, and The Coven, but I will try. Past mixes have included a wide spectrum of genres – Teen Mom brought us back to the 90s, Cactus-Mouth compiled our heaviest mix yet, and The Coven helped us appreciate the classics. However, this week I wanted to make a mix that wasn't like anything we've had on the site before. "Dreamy Space" is loosely inspired by the universe, moon rocks, constellations,  galaxy-like-things. All ten songs are contemporary; many include cool synth noises, dreamy drum machines, dark dance vibes, an experimental touch. The artists included are those we've reviewed recently: Skinny Reptile Youth, Nima, Tashaki Miyaki, White Poppy, KEEL HER, and MoonLasso. But also artists that we've had our eye on for a while: Sparxx, CRUX, White Ring, and Nite Jewel.

1. "Evolution" - Sparxx
2. "White Forest" - Skinny Reptile Youth
3. "Bottom Feeder" - CRUX
4. "u and i (secret remix)" - WHITE RING
5. "The Build" - Nima
6. "Treeforts" - White Poppy
7. "Keep Me In Mind" - Tashaki Miyaki
8. "Artificial Intelligence" - Nite Jewel
9. "London" - KEEL HER
10. "Stand In" - MoonLasso

Written by Diana Cirullo