April 8, 2013

Monday Mix: The Coven

This Monday's mix is witch-tacular.

Becoming familiar with The Coven has been nothing but interesting, and by interesting, I mean inspiring, intriguing and honestly, quite fun. If you happened to miss the profile on The Coven last week, here's a little background information to get you up to speed: The Coven is comprised of ten women, all of whom express female-empowering messages and symbols through painting, photography, installations and collage, amongst other things. Their work has ranged from experimenting with traditional female objects and body hair to paintings of heart-shaped candies, like the one depicted in the mix's cover art. Though created by the same ten women, each piece feels original and especially creative so that every time another viewer clicks through a Coven post, they know they're in for something great.

This week, we asked The Coven to create a Monday Mix for us, and they responded with a brilliant throwback to some of the original strong female voices like Stevie Nicks and Sinead O'Connor. It's refreshing to see others still loving the foundation, moving forward with contemporary art and ideals but still recognizing the greatness that came before. Along with their mix, The Coven gave a little foreword to their selections:

"In true Coven fashion, this mix is female fronted and full of magic. It's a little dark and a little dreamy, fabulous jams to paint, draw or even cast spells to. Heavy on the tracks from the 90s, we decided to go all the way and be extra cheesy so we've included Sarah McLachlan's singing "Building a Mystery" live at Lilith Fair as well as Sinead O'Connor proclaiming she's a strong, independent pagan woman for some girl power 90s witch style. And of course you can't forget Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac! Enjoy, and thank you guys so much."

Special thanks to The Coven for making this lovely mix.

Written by Molly Morris