April 15, 2013

Monday Mix: Cactus-Mouth

Ian Stanley of Catcus-Mouth made us our hardest Monday Mix to date.

It seems as if Ian Stanley has been subtly influencing my music tastes for quite a bit of time. Looking back through the archives of his blog, Cactus-Mouth, I can point out bands and songs that Ian has written about in the past that had wormed their way into my library. Over the last few years, he has indirectly introduced me to bands such as Babes, Quarterbacks, ba babes, amongst many others, by covering them on his site. And it doesn't stop at Cactus-Mouth either – Ian also runs a label called Chill Mega Chill Records that has put out of some of my favorite records on cassette such Abadabad and Stoner Showers' split Makeout Beach and Spook Houses' Trying (to be fair, a lot of these come to me via my friend Daniel who has been a fan of the site for a long time). I haven't been checking blogs for new music as much as I used to, but I know I can rely on Cactus-Mouth/Ian to be posting something I'll undoubtedly enjoy.

So based on his stellar music taste, I decided to reach out to Ian and see if he would be down to make us a Monday Mix and it turns out he was a fan of THE LE SIGH as well. I was super excited to see what Ian would put together, and what he delivered were eleven songs of female punk and hardcore greatness that makes me feel like my face is melting off (in a good way). The only artists I had previously heard of on the mix were Screaming Females, Nü Sensae, and White Lung, so this is a great introduction into a sect of music that I'm pretty unfamiliar with (and I'm assuming some of our readers are too). This mix isn't for the light of heart but is an incredible change of pace from what we usually post. Below are some of Ian's own words on the mix he put together and the mix on 8tracks (FYI, this is a good soundtrack if you're trying to stay awake to study for many hours).

Ian Stanley on Cactus-Mouth's Monday Mix:

"You're going to be hearing a lot of screaming on this mix so prepare yourself. That being said there is also a lot of power on display here as well. I purposely mined my iTunes collection for some of my favorite current punk and hardcore bands that happen to be fronted by (or prominently feature) female vocalists. Most of these women struggle for respect in male-dominated scenes (I know because they've told me), so the only reason I am bringing up gender now is because it happens to be the theme.

For as long as I can remember I've always thought girls were cooler than boys. I'm not saying that to be cutesy, I really mean it. I was a geeky art kid so I always surrounded myself with female friends as opposed to guys who seemed mostly preoccupied with sports. I also surrounded myself with copious amounts of punk rock and hardcore music (much to the chagrin of my parents). So it's only logical to make the assumption that the meeting ground between women and punk was a place I wanted to be. That mindset has carried on into adulthood and has yielded this mix of female-fronted punk, hardcore, and post-punk. In it you will find some of my favorite current bands (read: obsessions). Some like White Lung, Punch, and Screaming Females are a bit more well-known while others like Cerce and Nü Sensae are certainly on their way. Then I rounded it out with some more DIY-leaning bands that I love like Mindtroll, Congenital Death, and Brain Fever (now know as La Luna). Anyways I hope you like the mix and that it's not too loud for you. (Also I chose scream queen Linnea Quigley for the cover because there is no woman more punk than her.)"

Check out Cactus-Mouth on tumblr.

Written by Emily Thompson