April 11, 2013

EP: Loveover - Winter Demo

Crushin' on Loveover, noisy punks from Tokyo and London.

Don't be fooled by the pretty album artwork, the songs that were recorded to match it are far from delicate flowers. If anything, the girl and guy who make up Loveover are the darkness lurking behind the budding pink. With one half hailing from Tokyo and the other from London, this duo is yet another international collaboration that we're impressed by. The band's set of three "Winter" demos went by a lot quicker than I wanted them to. I wished they were longer but that's always good criticism.

On bandcamp, they describe themselves as a "girl shouting and playing guitar while a guy is frantically playing drums." I would agree that this statement is both modest and accurate. Like many of their noted influences (Black Flag, Bad Brains, Zero Boys), Loveover's demos don't waste any time and erupt into an outrage of punk energy within the earliest few seconds. First demo "Machine Men" is one where drumming is particularly erratic and front-woman Ayako emits loud yelps like her life depends on it. "Too Sweet," as you might've guessed, is a complete contradiction to its title. This track may be short but it's far from sweet. If by chance the lyrics were in the least, I wouldn't be able to tell through the heavy guitar distortion and hardcore screaming. However, "Black Mould" sounds exactly the way you'd expect. Like its namesake, the band's third and final demo is that smoky-sweaty smog that hovers over the pit at an overcrowded basement show. It's dirty but in a way that's empowering / reminds you how it feels to be alive, etc. And hey, by the end you won't even mind that your face is drenched in the sweat of the person in front of you.


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Written by Diana Cirullo