April 18, 2013

EP: Honeyslide - Honeyslide

Throwback to Honeyslide's debut and reasons why it will never get old.

On our blog there's an unspoken "6 month rule" for posts. In other words, we typically try to steer clear of reviewing old releases. But just sometimes, we stumble upon something so good that we break that rule, and this is one of those times. Honeyslide debuted their first EP last July and it became somewhat of an instant classic in my library. Maybe it's the dreamy technicolored cover art, the shoegaze-filled static, or the 90s stoner rock backdrop that keeps me coming back over and over again. Regardless, this UK-based trio comprised of Josh, Meytal, and Mo know how to carefully craft noise that evokes pure aural euphoria within the span of four short songs. The band has cited My Bloody Valentine and Pavement as main influences, and their sound is spot on half-way between the two. Alternating fuzzy female and male vocals especially calls to mind the Kevin Shields and Belinda Butcher dynamic.

When I say that Honeyslide knows how to "carefully craft noise," I really mean it. The term might seem like a paradox, and it is, but there is a very clear distinction between messy, discordant sounds and the stamp of precision found on the first, second, or third listen of this extended play. "Sickly" in particular climbs with a rare type of rough perfection that's somewhat like being underwater. Every wall of sound, blurred layer, tinge of noisey feedback is undoubtedly purposeful. The same goes for "Drippin" which oozes of sweet substances, and well describes the "honey" in Honeyslide. No, it's not uncommon for a band to sound like it's name but it's always kind of nice when they really do. "Drippin" will appear on their new 10" scheduled to hit shelves this summer. No doubt we'll be writing about that one soon.


Download Honeyslide's debut on bandcamp

Written by Diana Cirullo