March 9, 2013

Tape: Infinity Crush - Stumble Pretty

Stumble Pretty is the stunning first cassette from Maryland's Infinity Crush.

I knew who Caroline White was before we met due to her presence in the now disbanded Teen Suicide. The first time we actually met was at a party where we talked about boys for a long time (which is a pretty cute way to meet). Around this time Caroline was putting out her first cassette under her solo (turned duo) project, Infinity Crush, on Songs from the Road Records. Stumble Pretty is a collection of ten songs that Caroline wrote and recorded during the winter that each possess an understated beauty. Caroline uses a simple acoustic guitar on the majority of the songs that gives way to her incredible ability as a songwriter. The words for songs such as "Paper Dreams" (my personal favorite) convey intricate emotions that make my heart hurt from just listening to it. I love Stumble Pretty in its entirety, but I especially love the outro track, "Boys of Summer", which reminds me of the surreality of summers of the past. In addition to Stumble Pretty, Caroline just released two songs titled "flowers pt 1" and "flowers pt 2" and consistently puts new music on her blog. I hope she keeps making music forever. Once again, I asked Caroline to share some of her own words about Stumble Pretty and Infinity Crush.

"All of the songs from 'Stumble Pretty' were written in December or January in either College Park or Philly, sometimes in my friends room during parties, sometimes just alone. I think all but one was written between 3 am-5 am. In that one month or so, I had written a song almost every day, most of which no one will ever hear (or I don't even have anymore). The ten that I picked for 'Stumble Pretty' coincidentally happened to have a variety in feelings, which kind of makes the song diary element of this more three dimensional. I think it's pretty easy to catergorize all of the songs into some kind of 'sad' compartmentalization, but there are definitely some feelings of hope and love (romantic, platonic, the kind in between, for things other that people, etc) that slip in. That's the natural progression and what I wanted to capture: things seem bad often, but then sometimes great and beautiful things sneak in like some kind of wonderful glitches.

I kept all of these recordings very lo-fi, half of them aren't even multi-tracked, and one is even recorded from my phone. I was originally going to re-record all of them nicely, but I ultimately decided against that to keep the intimacy. I like feeling like everyone is in my room with me I guess. I like the mistakes and the fuzziness, they are maybe the most important parts of the songs.

A bunch of my friends helped breathe this album into life. Aaron Castro has a beautiful voice and sang on 'Drowning Here With All My Friends', and we ate cake together that night in Philly. Ryan Wilson (of one of my favorite bands Pill Friends) mixed and recorded 'Drowning Here With All My Friends' in his room in Philly. Dan Cordero sang with me in the song 'stumble pretty', and I ended up adding him to the project permanently. He's a great friend and a great person to work with."


Listen to Infinity Crush on bandcamp

Written by Emily Thompson