March 11, 2013

Monday Mix: The Misery Chicks

Our blog friends over at The Misery Chicks made us a grrl power mix.

Emily stumbled upon UK bloggers The Misery Chicks (Daria reference!) a few weeks ago and we've been obsessed ever since. We liked that they go out of their way to highlight cool girls doing cool shit – something we try to do everyday. They have a few notable series: grrrl crushes, keep it diy, music, comics, art, and more. With "grrrl crush" they highlight girls now, from the past, and even the occasional profile of fictional girls.

Here's nice little statement from The Misery Chicks:

"The Misery Chicks is a collective comprised of five friends from London and Cardiff, which began as an attempt to bring more of a focus on cool women who may get kinda overlooked in the largely male dominated DIY scene and related subcultures. We are also unsatisfied with today’s portrayal of feminism, and would like to try and explain how outdated and internalised views on gender still affect women in a shitty way. We aim to put on a few shows and release a zine soon too, and hopefully what we are doing will inspire other women to be creative, and to not let dumb misogynistic comments affect them and their work."

The mix they made for us was compiled by all five members of the blog and therefore varies a lot in taste.  What I liked most about this mix was that it included some of the best musical acts of all time  as well as some cool underground stuff. Get ready to listen to everything from Destiny's Child to SLANT 6.

Check out our blog friends The Misery Chicks.

Written by Diana Cirullo