March 18, 2013

Monday Mix: JOEY FOURR

Today's mix is brought to you by Joseph Prendergast of JOEY FOURR! ♥

If you don't already know JOEY FOURR he's an artist in all aspects of the word. We love him because not only does he create great music but he's also seriously skilled at drawing. He sent us over this really rad zine-type thing with a bunch of his silly, sometimes strange drawings which made us smile. He also made us the above furbee / tamagotchi / palm tree artwork for this mix. Needless to say, he's a nice person and we want to be friends with him.

This past February JOEY came out with two different releases: Museums EP and Sunslime EP. Both showcase a different side of him as an artist. Museums strays from his normal fuzzy, gritty pop sound. The six songs on it shed new light on the term "acoustic" – truly heartfelt and multi-dimensional despite less instrumentation. On the other hand, Sunslime glitters like a space crystal and has had me dancing for a while now. Sunny grunge, infectious vocals, electric energy, catchy catchiness; pure gold. I might not be doing JOEY justice so listen at Reeks of Effort.

JOEY was sweet enough to make us a Monday Mix (above) that features his favorite female-identifying artists. Thirteen songs cover everything from our DIY favorite Mannequin Pussy to R&B sensation TLC. This is maybe one of the best mixes we've posted yet so please enjoy.

For more on JOEY FOURR visit his website.

Written by Diana Cirullo