March 4, 2013

Monday Mix: Band Inspiration

Emily attempts to play music and this is her soundtrack. 

I've wanted to be in a band for a very long time but don't possess much natural musical ability or patience to learn. I've had a bass in my possession for the last nine years, but gave up lessons in eighth grade because my instructor was boring and haven't picked it up much since. In high school I merely watched my friends play music in a black metal band (RIP Doorway to Norway) and in college I brought my bass to school and tried to practice once before giving up. But this all changed the second semester of my senior year (aka now)!

Over the summer, my future roommate Olivia and I would text each other about how we wanted to start a band but didn't do much to pursue the idea once we eventually came back to College Park. We would occasionally throw around names and at some point Olivia thought of the name Lisa Drank and it finally stuck. It's now second semester and we've somehow turned Lisa Drank into a real thing after holing ourselves up in our friends' live room with our instruments and a lot of beer (we also recruited our actual musician friend Dean of Sunset Theme for drums). We have two songs as of now, titled "Bumpin' My Birth Control" and "Med School". They both consist of Olivia screaming a lot and me kind of attempting to play the bass (it only took way too many years to finally try and play again).

The point of this kind-of-average story is that starting a band isn't that hard if at least one person knows what they're doing and the others are willing to learn. I'm not really sure what the future of Lisa Drank is with graduation imminent but I will at least be able to look fondly back on my final months of college  as the time I was kind of in a band. This Monday Mix is a compilation of all of the music Olivia and I have been listening to for help with our own musical pursuits. Olivia listens to Baltimore band Sick Weapons to practice screaming and talking fast and The Breeders because she has always thought Kim Deal is awesome. I've been listening to a ton of Bratmobile because they originally told people they were a band before actually becoming one (something we might be doing) and I'm pretty sure they played at Maryland at some point. Other inspirations are older bands such as Shonen Knife and Veruca Salt and newer artists such as Shady Hawkins and Priests (who aren't technically on the mix but please listen to them ASAP if you haven't already). I doubt this is the last time I'll be talking about Lisa Drank on THE LE SIGH so stay tuned for further developments and listen to my band inspiration mix below.

Written by Emily Thompson