March 7, 2013

LP: Cherry Glazerr - Papa Cremp

Serious or not, we dig California's Cherry Glazerr.

West Coasters have a wonderful talent for making sunny tunes. I've found that I can often listen to a band and guess "these guys are from California" and later find out that I'm right about it. Cherry Glazerr was one of those bands for me – their hazed out stoner pop sound gave them away. The band, comprised of three ladies and one dude, mull over silly territory in their debut full length Papa Cremp. They sing about stuff like cats, pizza, and other cool shit that we enjoy. While they're one of the newer bands that've emerged, the four piece recently put out a cassette via Burger Records. Whether they're kidding or not we'll never know, but regardless we're into every second of it.

First off, they've got a score of ridiculous song titles and even more amusing lyrics. Maybe the most ridiculous of the nine tracks "Pizza Monster" has a verse that goes something like "watch out he's a killer pizza man / he's super cheesy / maybe you can eat him / maybe he'll taste good." Emily, Molly, and I lived above a pizza place over the summer so we could definitely relate to this bubbly garage rock tune. If you liked this one, you'll giggle over "Grilled Cheese" which is a strung out, psychedelic song about how tasty it is and not wanting to share it. Fucking brilliant. More craziness comes on with space-out "Cat Sitting In My Room" where they rattle about wishing that cats could fly. And then about a minute into the song, there's a chorus of only meowing noises. However, I definitely could more seriously relate to upbeat, jangly "Teenage Girl." It listed important things: milkshakes, cat eyes, lipstick, french fries, sneaking cigarettes at lunchtime, pink sparkly sunglasses, etc. This has a great rhythm to it and is no doubt something that will make you long for the "easy days" where life revolved around getting high and going to the fast food drive-thru. "All My Friends" had a similar tone of teenage invincibility with cooing vocals and smokey guitars. This one poked some fun at friends who look like alien princesses because of greasy hair and bad habits.

This is not to say that they don't have a few serious songs. Love shines through this album's longest track, "Bloody Bandaid." It's a cute number about having a crush, and even makes a reference to wanting to go to a show at The Smell. I've always wanted to see a show there, so that thought made me swoon a bit. While "Glenn the Dawgg" instead had a lot of intense angsty feelings. This super short one is about a dog being put down (yikes) and is pretty gloomy with lines like "tears will be shed as we put you to bed / you were my best fucking friend."


Check them out on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo