March 5, 2013

EP: Dog Legs - Awkward

London/Brighton duo Dog Legs: not another boring lo-fi band.

It's always refreshing when you listen to a band and they make you laugh. Dog Legs aka Moe Meade and Liam Bradbury are witty, reckless, and vulgar in their Awkward EP that came out this past November. And it's no surprise with song titles like "Bitch Please" and "Another Shit Teen Movie" that this duo doesn't take themselves too seriously. I found out about them a week ago thanks to Joey Fourr and have since listened to this so many times that I know the words to all six tracks.

Dog Legs is far from being another boring lo-fi band. While they're certainly lo-fi, they're the furthest from boring. Both Meade (guitar) and Bradbury (drums, keyboard) lay their vocals on these happy punk tracks. All six are brought to life with their simplicity, sense of humor, and homemade quality – you can even hear Meade mumble "be loud in it" before "Cobra Snake" bursts into a tireless power pop rampage and count off "2, 3, 4" before "Bitch Please," which surprised me as it evolved into a dark, grunge piece. "Memory Chester Lane" is particularly amusing and includes two songs within one: the first about going through boy after boy and the second is about going through girls in the same way. It's hard not to crack a smile when Meade yelps "Boy #2 couldn't screw" and then "Boy #8 couldn't stop masturbatin" with the perfect hint of a British accent. Whereas first track "Beast Like Me" (my favorite of the tracks) had a very distinct sound and catchy chorus "who will ever learn to love a beast like me?" that reeked of pop-inspired punk from the mid-90s. Dog Legs are way better than Blink-182 of course, they even end this extended play by screaming "fuck you!' at the end of acoustic and whistle-filled last track "Another Shit Teen Movie."


Watch the official music video for "Cobra Snake":

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Written by Diana Cirullo