March 15, 2013

EP: The Aquadolls - We Are Free

Let's be teenagers again and listen to the Aquadolls forever.

The snow is melting, the sun is out, allergy season has just begun, and I saw a guy wearing a sleeveless shirt and denim shorts the other day in Penn Station. One of the ways I've started to mentally prepare for warmer weather is by listening to The Aquadolls. This California pack includes Melissa, Ryan, Josh, and Colin, and they sound awesome. And by awesome, I mean their We Are Free EP reminds us of how cool it was to be a teenager during the summertime. We miss sneaking alcohol on the beach, driving fast with the windows rolled down, crushing on the sunburnt lifeguard who's way out of our league, and sandy kisses after curfew.

Opening song "We Are Free", an anthem to being young and invincible, is all of these things and more. It evokes the true feeling of summer as we remember it, before we were forced into shitty 9-5 jobs and had to stop going to the beach 24/7. Other tracks on here "Wander" and "Pizza Party Tonight" are just as badass with surf rock that sounds right out of the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. "Wander" was a roller coaster of a song that I wanted to dance and whistle to while "Pizza Party Tonight" made me laugh because it's literally about throwing a pizza party. The group doesn't stop the silliness there though; "Rich Boyz" tells the story of a date gone wrong (vomit is involved) with a sassy chorus "that's why you don't mess with a bad bitch when she's drunk." But like the surf rockers before them, the four-piece is also skilled enough to write a serious love ballad like "Maybe." Here Melissa's vocals are classic and dreamy, in a way that I wouldn't hesitate to compare her to Brenda Lee or Connie Francis.


Order this cassette via Burger Records. (Photo credit: Makiko)

Written by Diana Cirullo