March 21, 2013

LP: Colleen Green - Sock It To Me

Colleen Green kills it once again on her newest LP, Sock it to Me.

We've loved Colleen Green for awhile for a handful of reasons. We loved her fuzzy songs about the ups and downs of love – Diana and I both related to "Y Do U Call Me?" when we went through break ups in the last year and "Goldmine", despite its sunny nature, stayed on repeat this winter when I was crushing hard on a boy. Many of Colleen's songs remind me of the feeling of falling for someone, when things feel effortless and before it gets too serious and hard. Also, we just thought she was really cool. The first time I saw her perform was at CMJ in 2011 and I drunkenly watched in awe as Colleen took the stage with only her guitar, a drum machine, and a pair of sunglasses. I had a chance to bring Colleen into my school's radio station in August of 2012 and she was basically the nicest and sounded just as great with a full band as she did by herself (California band Plateaus acted as her drummer/bassist/guitarist). In the third of my experiences with Colleen, I interviewed her over the Internet for THE LE SIGH last summer and she had mentioned that she was working on an album for Hardly Art. That album ended up being titled Sock it to Me, and was released on March 19th (also Diana's birthday) by Seattle label Hardly Art.

Sock it to Me is a continuation of the style that Colleen has pioneered for herself since she began releasing music as a solo artist. Colleen has always managed to create incredibly catchy pop songs from    using a minimal amount of instruments, usually a guitar and a drum machine. She carries on that trend in Sock it to Me, but also introduces keyboards and synths that add a new dimension to her music. "Time in the World" is a surprisingly danceable piece about the debatable longevity of a relationship. "Close to You" is another track that deviates from her typical style and sounds like it should be played in a dive bar in the eighties. But Colleen doesn't fail to deliver with her usual dose of hazy love songs – "Darkest Eyes" sounds like a swirling garage rock take on Shangri-La's "Leader of the Pack" and "You're So Cool", debatably my favorite of the new LP, is a sugary sweet ode to a boy who is just really cool. Despite the straightforward simplicity of some of Colleen's song, she does get introspective with songs such as "Heavy Shit" (you can assume what the heavy shit she's talking about is) and "Every Boy Wants a Normal Girl", which deals with the desire to fit in with the traditionally admired image of a girl. As a whole, this album shows the progression Colleen is making as an artist and her fruitful attempt at charting new musical territory. But no matter what she puts out, we'll probably love it.


Colleen is going on a massive tour this spring (with our friend Marisa of Mannequin Pussy!), check out if she's coming to your city here and buy Sock it to Me from Hardly Art here.

Written by Emily Thompson