February 21, 2013

Zine: Girls Get Busy #15 & #16

Girls Get Busy's monthly zine is worth the read.

Girls Get Busy is a feminist collective based in London that supports female-identified artists internationally. The collective started by Beth Siveyer puts out a monthly zine that features writing, photography, illustration, design, and more from a variety of perspectives. Siveyer makes it very clear that she doesn't discriminate with submissions – anyone can send their work and the more voices the better. The collective is also very active on Tumblr, they maintain both a "Zine of the Week" and "Song of the Week" series. They also post online and in-person events that fans can attend that range anywhere from a gallery exhibition to an online feminist movie club. However, GGB does more than showcase a broad range of art, their large community advocates a very open and continuous dialogue surrounding feminism in general. 

As far as GGB's zines are concerned, Siveyer curated their 16th issue this past month. I also had the honor of having two of my poems "The Widest Hips" and "Moving Mountains" featured in their 15th issue which I received in the mail yesterday. I must admit that I'm in love with the small zine printed on lilac paper (not because my work is in it) but because of the wonderfully creative nature of it. It's so awesome that girls from all over can have a positive outlet as well as a supportive community through Girls Get Busy.

GGB #16 features work from: Cassandra Tavukciyan, Alexandra Jones, Monique Laraway, Courtney Greenlee, Huckleberry Boyle, Tayla Roberge, Sophie New, Emily Carlisle, Gesa Maass, Beth Siveyer, Fatima K, Darcie Blake, Maja Malou Lyse, AJ Jonathan, Melissa McElhose, Renee Dykeman, Roxy Ball, Amy Worrall, Charlotte Cullen. Curated by Beth Siveyer 
(Above is a sneak peak from inside of #16!)


GGB currently has online exhibition "Girls Get Busy: In Colour" live. The online gallery is up through March 16th and is a "collection of colourful contributions that were originally printed in black and white in the Girls Get Busy zine." Check it out for yourself at www.artbabygallery.com.

Keep current with feminist art and happenings by following this collective on tumblrPurchase any GGB zines here.

Written by Diana Cirullo