February 25, 2013

Monday Mix: Wapinitia

Daniel Gallen of Wapinitia drops in for a quick chat on his
favorite musically-inclined ladies.

Daniel and THE LE SIGH's very own Emily Thompson met under precarious circumstances – a friend noticed his mop of curly hair at an orientation event and then caught wind of his affinity for lo-fi around our university's radio station; after some merciless Facebook creeping she approached him a few months later. The rest, as they say, is history. Daniel is actually much more than a slew of hair; he currently fronts the band Wapinitia, in which he plays alongside his older sister Anna and Jack Stansbury of Tricot Records, creating a fuzzy-sounding blend of heartbreak rock and boy pop. Okay, not so much. He's also the voice behind the radio show In Afternoon Air (where he plays too much R. Kelly) and above all, has a hopeless obsession with sports.

More or less, Daniel's life revolves around music and the artists who create it; when he isn't writing about sports (sports? what? where am I?) he's writing about new songs, albums and musicians, compiling lists of his favorite albums or songs of the year or expanding his already ridiculously large cassette collection; hell, he's even seen Lifehouse perform live. So who better to compile a list of his top lady-based songs than him? He chose house favorites like La Big Vic and my own recent obsession R.L. Kelly (emphasis on the "L") as well as some tunes by his pals, Amanda Zivkovic and Erin Hanratty. Daniel included a preface to his mix, outlining his motives and taste in girl jams:

"I really dig great tunes from female vocalists, and that's what this mix is. My first Brooklyn experience in 2009 centered around a Vivian Girls show, and since then, I've always been on the lookout for similar tunes. There's nothing better than finding great talent that's worth listening to in all genres.

This playlist is a selection of tracks I've come across in the time I've really gotten into music -- since about 2009 -- and in a few cases before that (shout out to my sister Anna for listening to BlackBlack forever ago). I have quite a few memories associated with each track: Listening to Sea Oleena at 3:17 a.m. in early August 2011. Air Waves making me happy in January 2011. My friend Allison introducing me to Mirah during senior year. Watching Erin play "Wasting My Time" at every function and then working on a cover of it for almost two years. Being enveloped in Whirr's shoegaze every time out. This mix covers a range of feelings and emotions from my teen years, and I wouldn't have made it through that time without these tracks.

Over time, I've expanded my palette from exclusively the short, fuzzy jams that Vivian Girls are known for (although I still love finding that kind of music, shout out Summer Schatzies) and into more refined things, maybe some country and above all, just good music. Each one of these songs means something to me for whatever reason, and hopefully it can mean something to you, too, in the future. Plus, sometimes girls can just say everything better than guys can."

Listen to Wapinitia here or follow Daniel's musical inclinations here.  

Written by Molly Morris