February 18, 2013

Monday Mix: Cadence Collective

Our friends over at Cadence Collective share some of their favorite songs.

My good friends Bryan Moon (m∞n) and Jon Mackey (Kruisemode) started Cadence Collective in the Spring of 2011. Cadence Collective, an international record label/arts collective, is home to six producers, one DJ, and one videographer. "Cadence" is defined as the "balanced, rhythmic flow, as poetry or oratory." When speaking with Moon and Mackey a few months back, they explained to me that the word "cadence" indicated a sense of resolution that is felt in the music they create – a universal feeling that people can connect on. While the collective isn't exclusive to one genre, they strive to sign and work with artists that share their vision. The collective's end goal is to spread positive energy; as a group of friends, they preach “community over competition.”

Cadence has dropped four official releases in the past year – one of which was their debut sampler containing two tracks from every artist on the label. The collective is currently working to expand their roster. They're in the process of launching a merch line and have a few upcoming releases in the works.

David Chang, Manager of Cadence Collective, on behalf of their Monday Mix:

"While the electronic music scene is largely male dominated there is not the lack of female presence that has and continues to help shape music today whether it be through collaboration, sampling, or influence. The songs we have chosen to put on our mix are either made by, a collaboration with, or sample female vocalists and we feel that the inclusion of a female voice adds layers to a song that help to create the overall mood. There are definitely still female musicians that are up there side by side with their male counterparts such as TOKiMONSTA, and Ikonika, legendary female producer often associated with Hyperdub. Many producers today, male or female, incorporate female vocalists on their tracks and this blend of electronic production and collaboration with female musicians shows much promise for the future of music."

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Written by Diana Cirullo