February 11, 2013

Monday Mix: Band Crush

We send our love to some great bands this Valentine's Day.

So, Valentine's Day. It's that thing that we'd all like to pretend doesn't exist but here I am writing about it. I could use this as an opportunity to talk about my disdain for confectionary hearts or how I got dumped on Valentine's Day when I was 12 or how single people should feel "empowered" this week or whatever. I won't do that though – for both of us.

Instead I want to focus on the fact that we started THE LE SIGH a year ago this upcoming March. I was nearly losing my mind in a shoebox-sized apartment in the East Village while Emily was exploring all of Scandinavia. I sent Emily a frantic Facebook message that asked (er, begged) if she would be willing to contribute if I started a blog about "cool things." Since then we've had the pleasure of reviewing a handful of great albums and interviewing the bands behind them. This Valentine's Day, we've chosen to get a little sentimental and extend our love towards all of the musicians we've worked with this year.

Today we've compiled some of our favorite songs by these bands. The range of music that we've come in contact with is far and wide so you'll encounter a lot of different styles on this mix. Thank you Veronica Falls, Mannequin Pussy, SLUTEVER, September Girls, Summer Camp, Aggi Doom, Cheap Curls, Colleen Green, Mika Miko, White Poppy, Big Wave, TEEN, Potty Mouth, La Sera, Persian Rugs, Palmz, Tacocat, Hunk!, Shanghai Lulu, Burnt Palms, Julie Byrne, Peach Kelli Pop, Morgan Spaner, Love Cuts, and Pastelpower, for making this possible:

Written by Diana Cirullo