February 26, 2013

Interview: Peach Kelli Pop

Allie of Peach Kelli Pop shares the inspiration
for her newest album and who her favorite celebrity is. 

It's no secret that we at THE LE SIGH are big fans of Allie Hanlon's solo project, Peach Kelli Pop. She originally stole our hearts with her first LP, which I'm sad to say I didn't discover until the end of 2012 even though it originally debuted in 2010. But I guess I started listening at the right time because only a couple of months after my obsession began, Allie released her sophomore album under PKP. Diana made our love of this record clear in her review of the second self-titled record, which you can revisit here. I had a few questions about the album (and more) and Allie was nice enough to answer them. Read below!

THE LE SIGH: You recently came out with your second album, which we're big fans of over at THE LE SIGH. What inspired you while you were writing and recording it?

PKP: One thing that inspired me was knowing I was about to move to California from Ottawa, Canada. I had never moved from my hometown and was waiting impatiently for my whole life to change.  Another thing I had in mind with the second album was that I wanted to play songs that would get people excited and engaged - in that sense I was inspired to create songs that were faster and more driving than on the first album, which is significantly slower in tempo. I have more fun playing songs that are fun and fast when I'm on stage.

TLS: We noticed you seemed to experiment with different sounds on this record, like the gameboy-ish noises mixed with ukelele on "Tucson Song." Why did you choose to do this?

PKP: I was playing a lot of Tetris at the time that I recorded that song, so much so that I would hear those beeps and pops in my dreams. I had just flown to Tucson and those noises were like the soundtrack of my life. I added them to the song because they have significance to where I was at and what I was doing at the time. I also simply like how they sound and think they add texture to the song. Generally speaking I was hoping for variety with songs like Society of Enoch which uses a distorted beat and samples - I didn't want all the songs to sound the same.

TLS: When you're not making music as Peach Kelli Pop, what else would you be doing?

PKP: I currently work full time at a daycare for dogs. Up until a few months ago, I had only worked in the service industry as a server, barista, etc, and now I spend all day with a huge array of crazy, cute, wild dogs. It's a thoroughly exhausting job but I love it. I also can also be found at the YMCA, watching terrible reality TV shows and baking banana bread, cookies or strawberry pie.

TLS: You're going on a pretty huge tour across America soon – is there anywhere you're especially excited to visit?

PKP: There are some cities that are inexplicably special... Milwaukee is one of them - I don't know why it seems so charming to me - perhaps because it's similar to where I grew up. I'm also excited for Tucson and Phoenix. The desert is magical and mysterious in a whole other way, probably because it is so opposite of where I come from. Atlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, Toronto are always great. We are truly excited for every show though!

TLS: Is there a dance that goes along with Do the Eggroll? If so, how do we do it?

PKP: There is no official dance for the Eggroll, however in the music video my friends and I demonstrate how to do the corkscrew and the flagpole. Our move for the boogaloo and the cheesecake didn't make it in the video, and the hotdog is in the X-rated version of the video.

TLS: In addition to music on our blog, we also have a DIY section – is there any craft you like to do in particular?

PKP: I don't craft as much as I'd like to – who wants to craft with me? I am a very tactile person. I need more glitter and scissors and craft paper in my life.

TLS: Do you have a favorite celebrity?

PKP: My favorite actor is Danny Devito. I find him extremely talented and endearing. I also adore Jennifer Coolidge and think she is the coolest.

Image courtesy of by Hayden Shiebler.

Written by Emily Thompson