February 8, 2013

Spotlight: Phoebe Carse

We interviewed Phoebe Carse about her rad illustrations (and more!)

We've made a habit of finding great girl artists on Tumblr. Phoebe Carse, a 15-year-old illustrator from New Zealand, is certainly one that I was happy to stumble upon. Her style is pretty distinct – endearing stick drawings on pink paper that are sometimes paired with witty text. Because she's such a young illustrator, she's not attending art school yet but that's the charm of her work. There's something awesome about an artist relying on their natural instincts instead of what they've learned in art school.

THE LE SIGH: When did you decide to start putting your drawings on Tumblr?

Phoebe Carse: I've had Tumblr for like four years or something but I only figured out how to actually use it about a year ago. I think I've had my art blog for about a year, I'm not sure. I decided to because I'd seen a lot of art on Tumblr and thought hey, I can do this.

TLS: Why do you tend to use pink paper with your illustration?

PC: No reason. I just like it.

TLS: Tell us about the exaggerated features of girls on your illustrations.

PC: It's hard for me to answer anything about my drawings because everything I do is done so randomly and without much thought of the end product. I have very little control of what any of my drawings end up looking like. My best drawings are always ones where I don't know what to draw so I just do something and it turns into something else and I just let it go wherever. When I try to draw and make it look like the thing I'm trying to draw I get stressed out and try too hard to make it accurate and it loses the special something, the exaggerated features if that's what you'd call it. I draw things that I see that I like, or things that I'd like to see but haven't. But that being said, when I try to draw something that I've seen or imagined in my head, it turns out very differently to how it is in my head. My head is a scary place. Not in the way that there's super fucked up stuff in there or anything but I just don't understand much of what goes on inside there. Or outside. I am very confused all of the time.

TLS: What's your favorite thing to draw and why?

PC: I like drawing hot girls.

TLS: What song would you listen to for the rest of your life on repeat?

PC: "Countdown" by Beyonce.

TLS: Who inspires you?

PC: Chandler Bing.

Check out more illustrations by Phoebe Carse on her Tumblr here

Written by Diana Cirullo