January 18, 2013

Premiere: Morgan Spaner - "Ego"

We have the pleasure of premiering Morgan Spaner's "Ego"
off of College Park's Tricot Records.

Early in November, our friends over at Tricot Records held a showcase in the back room of their home featuring bands and artists on the label such as Sunset Theme, Meatman, and Morgan Spaner. Unfortunately, I was suffering from one of the worst hangovers of my life and didn't make it to the show until it had just finished. Morgan Spaner had closed off the show and everyone in the crowd was buzzing about her performance (which included a much appreciated cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea") when I finally arrived to the house. I was more than a little bummed I missed her set – her song "hoschen im doschen", which was included in the Tricot Monday Mix, was one of my favorite songs of 2012 with its silly lyrics and simple acoustic guitar that reminded me of Kimya Dawson. Spaner's musical talent is rooted in years of marching band and open mics, but it wasn't until this fall that she began to release music on Tricot Records while studying at Towson University and captured our hearts in College Park (and elsewhere).

We're excited to premiere Morgan Spaner's newest track, "Ego", which will be released as a single by Tricot. "Ego" chronicles a classic situation of unrequited attraction, but Spaner's addition of atypical lyrics such as "Good hair day is never frizzy/stay away and I'll keep busy/I can't keep busy when I'm thinking of you" sets her apart from the many artists who tackle the topic. It's evident from her various releases on Tricot that songwriting is one of her strongest suits. Spaner has the ability to make her sometimes tongue-twisting and playful lyrics into something more emotional, which truly shines through on "Ego".  Spaner's raw vocals over minimalist instrumentals adds to the earnest and yearning feeling that permeates throughout "Ego". Luckily, Morgan Spaner is returning to the Cottage for another Tricot show on the 26th, and hopefully this time I won't be puking up whiskey until 8 p.m. On that note, listen to "Ego" below!

Listen to more of Morgna's music on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson