January 14, 2013

Monday Mix: Twee As F*ck

Twee out to some twee (whatever that may mean).

We've reviewed quite a few bands this year and described some of them as sounding "twee." This term can mean a lot of things but it most often describes bands that were apart of the twee pop movement of the late 80s and early 90s. Twee finds its roots from English and American bands alike, including Talulah Gosh, Black Tambourine, Tiger Trap, Tullycraft, and more. Those under the twee umbrella were and still are known for singing about friendship and love in an innocent way.

The eleven songs on this mix fall all over the twee spectrum but what they have in common is that they sound sweet – almost to the point of tooth decay (but hey, that's the charm of it). I started off this mix with a track by Marine Girls, an 80s indiepop band from England, that I happily discovered while making this mix. I also made sure to include essential tracks "Puzzle Pieces" by Tiger Trap and "My Best Friend" by Talulah Gosh amongst others. I will admit that I personally have to be in a very, very specific mood to listen to this much twee at once so make sure you're prepared to overload on some high-pitched vocals, cute lyrics, and jangly guitars.

Mix artwork by Jack Stansbury of Tricot Records.

Written by Diana Cirullo