December 3, 2012

Tape: Hunk! - Dupe / Hold Out

Hunk! from Ireland makes their first single debut this month.

Hunk! is two girls and a guy from Dublin that started as DIY project between friends and quickly turned into something more. They are a relatively new band as this super limited cassette is their first official release brought to you by our friends at Soft Power Records. Before this Hunk! has dabbled with demos "I Want To Be Brave" and "Laidbare" that we like very much.

This cassette not only has a higher production quality than the demos before it but it's much more upbeat in mood. "Duke" has a lot of energy – think punk guitar riffs infused with twee vocals. "Hold Out," my favorite of the two tracks, starts out sounding fuzzy, melodic, and strung out, but eventually evolves (quite abruptly but it works) into a pop-rock ballad accented with doo-wap-esque harmonies. The drums and guitars get heavy making way for a very catchy chorus. Here, in my opinion, is where we see the most potential for Hunk! and I'm definitely excited to see what we can expect from them in the future.


The cassette is set to release December 17th but you can pre-order it here ahead of time. We think it makes the perfect holiday gift for anyone who appreciates a good tape. And grab it while you can, Soft Power has a tendency to sell out quickly.

Order Hunk's Dupe / Hold Out cassette tape via Soft Power Records.

Written by Diana Cirullo