November 19, 2012

EP: Tacocat - Take Me to Your Dealer

Cat-themed palindromes and bouncy punk from Seattle.

Over the summer I had a chance to see Tacocat play at Brooklyn's Death By Audio, but had little to no expectations about the band going into the show. I was originally there to see Slutever and Mannequin Pussy play, but figured I'd stick around for some of Tacocat's set based on our Style Editor Anastassia's recommendation. After Tacocat played their first few songs, I knew I had to stay – between singer Emily announcing that one song was about a UTI and their magnetic stage presence that had the whole venue dancing, Tacocat won me over in a hard way.

Tacocat hails from the Pacific Northwest and is made up of friends Bree, Emily, Lelah, and Eric. They make infectious and witty pop punk (but not the kind used to describe upbeat post-emo boy bands). They describe themselves as "Go-Gos meets the Monkees. Kurt meets Courtney", which I think I can see, except they're a lot less dark than the Love/Cobain duo. They have a hilarious and insightful Twitter feed that offers gems such as, "Do hot tub limos exist?" and "Debate: gyno or dentist, which is worst?". Members Emily and Bree are also responsible for one of the best articles of the year, The Stranger's "Men Who Rock" article which profiled male musicians in Seattle as a satire of Rolling Stones' annual "Women Who Rock" issue. So before I even listened to Take Me to Your Dealer, I knew I liked them.

Tacocat's first EP on Hardly Art, Take Me to Your Dealer, will come at you fast. It's just under ten minutes long but each song is bursting at the seams with energy. My favorite thing about Tacocat is the range of topics they cover in the EP. The first track, "Spring Break Up" is a realistic look at the dissolution of a relationship, with Emily singing "Things fall apart, sometimes right from the start/it's sad but true, it's not me, it's you" (it deserves a place on Diana's 'Over It' mix). But the first track on the B-side, "Cat Fancy", is an ode to the monthly magazine for the cat-obsessed (true story: one of my friends was a subscriber to Cat Fancy). "F.U. #8" is about how shitty and frustrating public transportation can be. Oh Tacocat, I envy your ability to turn everything from the silly to the mundane into a shining piece of music.

You can purchase the Take Me to Your Dealer 7" here and listen to Tacocat's bandcamp here.

Written by Emily Thompson