October 8, 2012

Monday Mix: French Oldies

Paris in the 1960s!

OK, so let's start off by establishing that I don't speak French. But if I could speak a language other than English it would be French. A few semesters ago I went through a phase where I only listened to French oldies. More specifically, yé-yé, a style of pop music that emerged in France during the 1960s. These tunes are primarily upbeat, lighthearted, and sung with deliberate naivety. The influence that yé-yé had on modern indie pop is impossible to ignore. The movement, led female vocalists, coincided with France's New Wave film movement. That's why notable women in the movement like Chantal Goya  also starred in films by Jean-Luc Godard on top of releasing many pop hits. And to name a few more: Sylvie Vartan, Francoise Hardy, and France Gall  are some girls associated with yé-yé on our mix. Below you will find songs by these ladies' male counterparts as well. Best enjoyed with a crêpe.

Written by Diana Cirullo