September 21, 2012

Video: TEEN - Electric

Psych pop never sounded or looked so good. 

Before this week, I had heard snippets about TEEN on the Internet: five girls from Brooklyn, one used to be in Here We Go Magic, they were signed to Carpark Records etc. But come Tuesday, I finally saw the video for their song "Electric", and needless to say, I fell in love. The song itself is a modern spin on the psychedelic music of the sixties that is draped in mystique. It begins with an ominous drumbeat with singer Teeny Lieberson crooning that "everyone's disposable". They song descends into darkness with Lieberson asking a mystery acquaintance to "at least tell me your name" before a crashing cymbal marks a change in tempo of the song. The end of the song has a Joy Division-y new wave influence while Lieberson repeats "you're electric" over and over again. If this song is any indication of how the rest of the album sounds, I can't wait to hear it in full.

The video is a perfect compliment for the song. It begins with each girls sucking on a mystery liquid through glasses straws before breaking out into choreographed dancing while a different patterns are projected over them. They remain expressionless through the video and even don matching jumpsuit outfits that give off a creepy vibe, like you just walked into a scary art film from the mod era. Towards the end of the video things start to get a little trippy with liquid spilling out of one of the girls' mouths while the band is shown dancing on both the ground and the ceiling in front of a background of waving evergreens. Basically, it is perfect and I hope all of you meet an intriguing stranger this weekend.

Written by Emily Thompson