July 5, 2012

Spotlight: Kendra Y (Unadoptable)

Kendra Y's illustrations are hard not to re-blog. 

Kendra Y goes by the Tumblr name of "Unadoptable." I found and started following her over a year ago because her illustrations aren't just well done but expose quirky human truths of the people in our generation. It's hard to believe but Kendra is sixteen, still in high school, and based in Canada. This is a true testament that age is just a number, and that we can expect great things from this girl. I emailed her asking questions that might help us all understand what inspires these drawings and she replied in a poetic fashion. She told me that she's a shy person, has always loved to draw and create, and that illustration is the way she expresses her thoughts. My favorite response that she shared during our interview: "I have crooked fingers and they are always stained with ink." Keep up the good work, Kendra.

Click here for Kendra's website.

Written by Diana Cirullo