June 14, 2012

Track: Cheap Curls - Jackie Oh

Ex-Dum Dum Girl Katie Serbain covers new terrain with project Cheap Curls.

While I was abroad I was lucky enough to catch the Dum Dum Girls when they played Rome's Traffic Club in April. The set was one of the best I have seen by the band, but there was something, or more specifically someone, that was noticeably missing - redheaded bassist Bambi Davies aka Katie Serbain was M.I.A. Well, it turns out Katie has been pretty busy since she departed from the DDGs. According to an interview with Worn Fashion Journal, Katie is finishing up her Masters at U.T. Austin, and has started her own project titled Cheap Curls. "Jackie Oh" is the first single from Cheap Curls and was released as a 7" on Art Fag, home to some of our favorite records and artists here at THE LE SIGH. While there is an air of the Dum Dum Girls' sound on "Jackie Oh", it's evident that Katie is carving out her own path by make music that's a little poppier but also slightly grittier. On "Jackie Oh", she juxtaposes upbeat handclapping drums and a tone of encouragment (she tells this Jackie Oh not to cry) with a scratchy guitar and a dose of distortion. It's the kind of song that makes you wish you could be cruising around California in a pair of heart-shaped glasses, or I guess Austin, where Katie is based. Unfortunately that's just a fantasy for now, but we can guarantee that we'lll be staying tuned for what Cheap Curls has in store for the future.

Image and song can be on Cheap Curls' bandcamp. 

Written by Emily Thompson