June 20, 2012

Interview: Colleen Green

Were you ever curious over what Colleen Green listened to in her youth?

Colleen Green is pretty fucking cool. She makes music all by herself, she sings about her best friend, and her Twitter handle is colleengreen420. When I saw her at 2011's CMJ, I was already a fan of her music after hearing the songs "Rabid Love" and "4 Loko 2 Kayla" and was hooked on her minimalist punk sound, her penchant for reverb, and her dreamy vocals. At the aforementiond CMJ show, Colleen took the stage at Shea Stadium with only a guitar, a drum machine, and a pair of sunglasses and pretty much owned her set. After she played, my friend and I both turned to each other and said, "Shit, we wish we could do that" (this story is paraphrased). Although she grew up on the East Coast, Colleen currently is based in California and released her first full length album titled "Milo Goes to Compton" on Art Fag Recordings earlier this year (possibly a play on The Descendant's classic "Milo Goes to College"?). Her West Coast residency is a little unfortunate for us since she doesn't play over here super often, so we can only hope she gets wildly popular in the near future and is forced to tour the country. Colleen was nice enough to answer a few questions for THE LE SIGH over email, including some insight into her ska phase, which is something I experienced as well (although it was only to impress older boys).

TLS: Your first full length album came out earlier this year! What was it like recording and releasing that, and what are you currently working on now?

CG: I first recorded and released "Milo Goes to Compton" in 2010, on cassette. It was fun. Now I am working on my first LP for Hardly Art.

TLS: You play music by yourself (and were great when I saw you at CMJ) – is this ever hard? Would you ever expand Colleen Green?

CG: I find it easier than playing with other musicians. But it is sometimes hard not having special buddies there with me when I go to shows. I have played with a bassist on one tour, my friend Marisa, and drummers like my friends Andy and Dee Dee on occasion, and I will have a drummer with me (Allie from Peach Kelli Pop/White Wires) when I go on tour in July. So yes, I would expand Colleen Green, although indefinitely.

TLS: If you could play in any band, past or present, what would it be?

CG: Blink 182 from 1993-99.

TLS: I saw that you have a blog that isn't just solely about music but also about your daily happenings. Do you have any advice for running a blog? What blogs do you normally read?

CG: Haha yeah, it's really not about music at all. It's just another way for me to be self-indulgent and put whatever shit comes into my mind on the internet. I originally would write about what I did in a day or whatever, and would update a lot, but I lost interest/got lazy and now only update it like 3 times a year. I don't really fux with any blogs. I don't like to read them. And I think tumblr is a joke, while we're on the subject!

TLS: You're currently based in California but grew up in Massachusetts.  Do you prefer the East or West Coast and why? (we're East Coast-ers)

CG: I love both!

TLS: Us over at THE LE SIGH had pretty serious emo phases when we were younger, what music did you used to listen to in your youth and teenage years?

CG: Haha, that's funny. I was really into pop punk and ska punk. I loved Reel Big Fish, Blink 182, Goldfinger, The Aquabats!, Sublime, NOFX, Rx Bandits, and a lot of the local Boston bands like Drexel and The Explosion. But I still love those bands. I just don't listen to them very much at this point. 

Written by Emily Thompson