May 21, 2012

Demo: SARALEE - Demo

Garage pop duo from Boston wrote the soundtrack to your summer.

Although the weather has been unseasonably warm this year, it's finally officially summer. School is out for us college students and the temperature is encroaching on eighty degrees. This means you can stop listening to those dark and dreary playlists that take over your iTunes in the winter and move on to the music that is made for road trips and for some of us, hot and overcrowded subway rides to work.

When I first heard SARALEE's demo thanks to my boyfriend posting about them on Facebook, I knew what I would be to listening constantly for the next few months (and probably after that). The demo clocks in at only fifteen minutes long but it's a collection of distorted and fuzzed out tracks that flow together seamlessly. The album begins in a deceiving fashion - the first ten seconds of the opening track, "Ceiling", are filled with oscillating synths before breaking into the thumping percussion and scuzzy guitar that define SARALEE's sound. The slightly-yelping vocals and constant changing of rhythms will draw you in before you realize the demo is over far too soon. My personal favorite is "Porch", which opens with a banging drum before swirling into a dreamy and poppy song about, essentially, porch living, which is something we can all relate to at this time of the year.

The Boston-based band didn't get their name from the brand of baked goods as first expected, but is instead a combination of the two members names, Sara and Lee. The pair met at school in Boston in 2007 but only became a band about a year and a half ago, when they recorded this demo in their friend's basement. Between Sara's vocals and guitar and Lee's drums, they are kind of a perfect match for making lo-fi indie pop. Unfortunately for us, they're only playing shows in the Boston area in the near future (including one with Cuffs, another favorite over here at THE LE SIGH).

Download the album for free at their bandcamp here.

Written by Emily Thompson