April 25, 2012

Demo: September Girls - Wanting More

A gang of girls from Dublin creating some delightful lo-fi pop.

Well, it looks like I should have made it to Ireland while I was studying abroad because if September Girls are any indicator of the music scene in Dublin, then I sorely missed out. September Girls is made up of girls Ceevia, Jessie, Lauren, Paula, and Sarah and they're making some darling indie pop with a hefty dose of reverb. Their "Wanting More" cassette, consisting of tracks "Wanting More" and "Secret Lovers", shows that the girls have the potential to transcend the label of just another lo-fi band. The guitar riff in "Wanting More" and heavy use of drums show that the band knows how to use their musical talents in a highly effective way (aka you don't want to stop listening). They manage to combine a handful of sounds- garage rock, surf pop, and Sixties melodies- without pigeon-holing themselves into any one niche. And to top it all off, they have a pretty sweet Tumblr, which we always appreciate. They're releasing a limited 100-copy run of the "Wanting More" cassette on Scottish label Soft Power Records on April 30th and bonus, the cassettes are blue and yellow. Hey September Girls, if you ever want to play in America, we can totally have a slumber party.

Listen to these lovely ladies on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson