April 30, 2012

7": Aggi Doom - Bright Me The Head

Glassglow's Aggi Doom: a starry-eyed seance.

Aggi Doom, another female band on Soft Power Records, releases something very different than what we saw with September Girls. It's nice to see this label choose two different female bands that possess very different qualities. 

"Bring Me The Head" is the opener to this 7". The track opens with a confident drum beat which is soon accompanied by a chant-like progression of lyrics: "Don't play nice/Don't play dead." After a few bouts of repetition, the song blossoms into something that you find yourself wanting to move to. The four girls harmonize their dark, moody, and mysterious vocals into one unified energy. The second track on Side B, "Cakewalk," is different from the somewhat abrasive progression of robotic vocals in "Bring Me The Head." "Cakewalk" seems like it came from an entirely different band. It is softer but offers a very similar and curious mood. The beginning of the track makes you feel as if you are entering unknown territory: walking through a vacant graveyard at midnight or floating into a space-like plane of the atmosphere. The track gains even more momentum when the rhythmic drumming, shaking bells, and smooth, unearthly vocals cut in. It is here that these girls really made me melt into the couch cushions.

Aggi Doom's Bright Me The Head 7" hits shelves May 28th. Pre-order it here.

Written by Diana Cirullo